Woohoo! I won the lottery for $1,000,000,000!!!

Oh, alright! Well not really, but if I did and didn’t have to pay the tax man as the daily prompt suggests – I would go nuts with it and…

1. Pay up all that we owe on our underwater townhome and donate it to a charity that works with the elderly

2. Pay up the mortgage that we own on our house and donate it to a children’s and battered women’s NGO

3. Buy my parents a real nice place in a retirement community with 24/7 medical care

4. Buy a bigger place for ourselves that has atleast 1-2 acres of land.

5. Build a nice big cottage on the property and nicely fenced area around it to take care of elderly dogs who get dumped in shelters

6. Hire a fantastic crew like they have in Dogs-a-Jammin, to dote on and provide round the clock care for the older dogs

7. Put away a couple million dollars for any medical expenses for my wonderful and loving husband who has CKD.

8. Donate 5 million to the National Kidney Foundation to put towards research in the CKD area.

9. Donate 50 million to inner city schools in very low income areas.

10. Donate 10 million towards setting up battered women and abused children with a new life.

11. Donate 10 million to widows/widowers and children of cops killed while on duty.

12. Donate 10 million to setup a fund to allow K9 unit handlers to adopt and take care of the retired K9 officers.

13. Donate 50 million to UNICEF to be used to help children in war ridden areas in Africa.

14. Get myself a new red Tesla Car that’s the most recent kickass model, yeah!

15. Build my pups their own bathroom.

16. Take my pups with us in the cabin of a chartered flight to Switzerland  to where their breed is from and let them go nuts in the snow!

17. Buy a kick ass telephoto lens, a better Manfrotto tripod, couple better wide angle lenses, a couple macro lenses and zoom lenses that I have been coveting

18. Travel all around Europe with my hubby and pups

19. Travel to Turkey, Egypt and Greece.

20. Take my time to find a job that lets me work from home so that my pups don’t have to be alone during the day

3 thoughts on “Woohoo! I won the lottery for $1,000,000,000!!!

  1. I might buy a bunch of good books, and build a library in my apartment, but I still would not buy any bras.

    I would enjoy helping struggling senior citizens, battered women, and single moms who are struggling!

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