20 Reasons Why Not To Get A Dog

  1.  You work so much that the dog has to be by themselves for more than 6 hours a day
  2.  You are a neat freak who just is incapable of making any allowances at all for dogs
  3.  You think its easy to have a dog or feel it should be very little work to have a dog
  4.  You have EVER used the phrase “its just a dog”, in the context of either “consoling” or diminishing the seriousness of something bad that happened to a dog.
  5.  You just want the unconditional love and are incapable of returning the emotion
  6.  You expect the dog to live outside the house and not be included as part of the family on an everyday and several hours a day basis
  7.  You expect you dog to behave well without investing the time to positively train you dog and cannot be forgiving if he or she tears up your couch or eats the wall
  8.  You want a dog until you find that special someone or have a child after which you are more than happy to give the dog up
  9.  You just don’t understand that the dog is almost NEVER the one that deserves the blame in most cases (99.9% ) because its almost always the human’s fault
  10. You are not going to be or capable of being your dog’s advocate and voice and protect him or her
  11. You are not likely to or unable to take days off when your dog is sick and needs to be taken care of all day
  12. You think dogs should do tricks as an amusement
  13.  You will not spend time on regular vet checkups and think the dogs needs to go to the vet if and only he or she is deemed sick by you
  14. You will not spend time and energy in investigation the right brand of food, treats and health supplements
  15. You don’t know or care to know to know that every dog is different and has his or her own personality so should be interacted with care and affection
  16. You think all dog breeds are equal or you think its not necessary for you to spend an adequate amount of time researching dog breeds and determining the one that is best suited for you, your family and your lifestyle
  17. You don’t care to or want to socialize your dog with people and other dogs
  18. You cannot give your dog the exercise he or she needs
  19. You cannot spend time in teaching your kids that the dog isn’t a plaything and how to interact with the dog in a manner that is safe both kids and the dog and also respectful to the dog
  20. You are likely to take the dog to the pound or any random shelter pronto, if you are in a situation where you think you can no longer take care of your dog.
When you adopt me, you make a commitment to love me, care for me, train me for the whole duration of my life. If you cant commit to that please let me go to a home where I will be loved my whole life.

When you adopt me, you make a commitment to love me, care for me, train me for the whole duration of my life. If you cant commit to that please let me go to a home where I will be loved my whole life.

I have 2 dogs myself and to me they are my babies. As far as my spouse and I are concerned our older pup is and will always be our first baby and son. I see cases very often where people get dogs just “because”, and don’t understand the commitment that they really need to make. Instead, I have seen people blame their dogs for things they have done due to lack of training and attention. I have seen people trying just sell their dog on craigslist to anyone willing to pay the asking price just because they are only concerned with the monetary compensation to themselves and don’t care about where the dog is being rehomed or sacrificed (craigslist is the most popular portal where “bait” dogs are bought for dog fighting enterprises). I have seen people who just want to dump their old dog because its more work now and the fact that the dog gave them his/her best years means nothing to them. They just want young dogs and not take care of them (which they owe to the dog) when the dog becomes old.

To all these people I say – please, do NOT get a dog and give the dog a chance at a happy life in a home where he or she is likely to be LOVED, RESPECTED, CARED FOR and PROTECTED!

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